waifu2x was inspired by Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN). It is paid service that you can use comfortably without waiting and use it at any time. It uses Nvidia CUDA for computing, although alternative implementations that allow for OpenCL and Vulkan have been created. Comparison gallery of image scaling algorithms, "Amplía la resolución de tus imágenes con este portal web", "GitHub - nagadomi/Waifu2x: Image Super-Resolution for Anime-Style Art", Image super-resolution using deep convolutional networks, "Even better image upscaling with Waifu2x", "GitHub - marcan/Cl-waifu2x: OpenCL implementation of waifu2x image upscaling", "Waifu2x converter NCNN version, runs fast on intel / Amd / Nvidia GPU with vulkan: Nihui/Waifu2x-NCNN-vulkan", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Waifu2x&oldid=966822509, Pages using Infobox software with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Left: 512×512px, PNG lossless, original source, Right: 512×512px, waifu2x upscaling & noise reduction, This page was last edited on 9 July 2020, at 11:33. Paid service.

waifu2x is an image scaling and noise reduction program for anime-style art and other types of photos.[1].

Since we need a high-performance server to operate waifu2x-multi, sales of paid service waifu2x-multi Pro will be used as server operating expenses. waifu2x.udp.jp: waifu2x is an image scaling and noise reduction program for anime-style art and other types of photos. The following figure shows the difference between the free service and the paid service. 2x means two-times magnification.

waifu2x was inspired by Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN). Free service. Waifu (from the Japanese pronunciation of "wife") is anime slang for a female character to whom one is attracted.

waifu2x-multi Pro is building a system using Amazon Web Services. Although it can be used for free, processing is slow because processing resources are shared. [2][3] It uses Nvidia CUDA for computing,[4] although alternative implementations that allow for OpenCL[5] and Vulkan[6] have been created. Sorry to interrupt you, but please use the waifu2x-multi Pro.

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