This week I re-listened to Implant Pentru Refuz – SubRadar (Tidal / Spotify) probably more than 5 times already, it simply keeps calling my name, I’m thinking about this record every hour or so, it keeps reminding me that blood is thicker than water, never forget we are all Earthlings. An amazing performance that was perfectly preserved on the D90 MQA. The mastering quality of this record is top notch and you are a fan of modern jazz and funk, I strongly recommend giving it a try. D90 MQA has quite a lot in common with the A22, they both use the same DAC chips, S/PDIF chips and they have the same Accusilicon crystal clocks. Only when I moved to the balcony, about 3 concrete walls and about 15 meters away from it, I started losing that connection with pops and cracks coming out of speakers. espite its small size and light weight, resist the temptation to, stack it on top of other equipment to save space. Zero snake oil, zero audiophile buzz-words with real tech specs? As for the power supply, Topping went with an encapsulated toroidal transformer, followed by 6 independent voltage regulators and by 7 big electrolytic high-grade caps (Nichicon FW series) that were specially designed for audio components. Beautiful and sleek looking device with a solid build quality, Amazing depth, wide soundstage and very 3D sounding, Linear frequency response and super extended on both ends, Impressive levels of transparency and resolution, Excellent dynamics, pace, rhythm and timing for an AKM design, Lacks any noise and distortion, black as night background, Full-bodied, rich in tonality and very life-like sounding, A full MQA decoder will improve your Tidal/Qobuz/Amazon Music listening experience, The preamp section was not on the same level with its DAC section, DACs: Topping D90 MQA, Gustard DAC-A22, Audio-GD R7 (2020 version), Matrix Audio Element X, Denafrips Venus, Flux Labs Acoustics FCN-10, Headphone Amps: Benchmark HPA4, SparkoS Labs Aries, xDuoo TA-30, Full-sized headphones: Audeze LCD-4, Erzetich Phobos, Hifiman Arya, Quad ERA-1, Interconnects: QED Reference XLR (x2), Aune AL3 XLR, Speaker cables: Kimber PR8, Audioquest Type4, Balanced Isolation Power Conditioners: PLiXiR Elite BAC400, KECES BP-600. It digs into the mix. Detecting the D90 on the mobile phone is a breeze and it, brings with it a myriad of music sources at your disposal. Bengineer

Imo, the filters are a very personal thing, and also, from my findings, depends on the songs too..  there's no free lunch here im afraid, i thought that filter #4 was the best, and i started to play around (this is where it can be confusing experience) and found that #6 was better suited to my system, esp with live recordings.

Silly me! So, let’s move on and unbox this silver surfer. Extra foam for protection? As far as D/S DACs go that are based on any AKM chipset, D90 MQA together with D90 and Gustard A22 offered the fastest kick, the hardest slam, it instantly pushed high those dynamics, it was simply a roller-coaster, it felt like having a dissociative identity disorder, depending on track it would simply switch between being a relaxed n’ cool guy to an aggressive puncher. Receive our latest updates about our products and promotions. So for, anxious users like me who just like to jump headon to test the DAC, without reading the instruction manual, please take note. They have become increasingly upmarket and their top-of-the-line DAC, the D90 was released last year. Well most entry to mid-tier buyers really. By All necessary information is displayed, including the active input and output(s), sampling rate, volume and whether the stream decoded is PCM, DSD and MQA processed.

Every little effect is given the exact amount of oomph that highlights hidden fine points which was never apparent before. The DAC utilizes a premium AKM AK4499 chipset which has been said to have a “velvet sound” signature paired to some rather high end components such as Accusilicon clocks which help to keep jitter in check.

I could easily detect where all sounds are coming from, the leading edge (contour) was also a bit more defined on it, A22 was a bit more precise and more defined as well. The brightness of the display can be controlled, but not switched off entirely - take note if you are an audiophile bat. The DAC chip alone does not maketh the final output. Well, it’s quite simple. Current price is $1,119.99. Topping D90 MQA was provided by Apos Audio, it can be purchased from their web-store by following this link (they offer free shipping in the USA, free 30-day returns in case you don’t like it, an extra 1 year of warranty and lowest price guarantee). I am listening to it for the fourth day straight and I‘m still not having any listening fatigue. Started Wednesday at 07:03 AM, By

Your system bottleneck will no longer be the DAC. For those of you who want that boosted top end, this is not it; it will reveal exactly what your system is.”, “If you have decided to go for a neutral-sounding DAC, that's your direction you've decided...I say save up and get this DAC. Two user reviews in a couple of weeks appear to have killed the thread, usually this is where things really ramp up. Preliminary Impressions, Tonality and Timbre. With D/S DACs some of them are just not having the extension that I am craving for; in just a minute I would know if it is limited or not down there. When my Topping D90 review went live and dropped here, it literally dropped like a bomb, our bandwidth was barely keeping-up, servers were barely holding together, I never expected having so many readers. Sheena Ringo's Instinct for example I'm almost wincing at some of the cymbal crashes. Started March 21, 2009, By There is also a rather smooth top end that makes tracks with sparkly high frequencies a little more bearable. I say it, because I am testing quite a lot a DACs and as time passes by, I’m feeling that the difference between expensive and affordable DACs is shrinking at a very rapid rate. Started September 9, 2012, By You can post now and register later. On the back all the nicer digital inputs are present as: USB, I2S, Optical, Coaxial, AES, there is a Bluetooth antenna socket too.
Lettuce just released their newest album called Resonate (Tidal / Spotify) that is actually a follow-up to their excellent Elevate album released last year. Been used for about 15 hours.

Norah Jones just released 3 new singles, I started with How I Weep (Tidal / Spotify) and it’s an MQA track, whoof, it feels so exciting, I’m already feeling horny. It's not a forward sounding and grips you in the seat type, of sound but i would say the character is an even handed with a deep, soundstage. D90 MQA can work really well even with Bluetooth sources, just make sure to stream lossless content for a better sound quality. For current to voltage conversion, 4 high-performance OPA1612 from Texas Instruments were used, followed by 3 LME49720 op-amps and with some 0.1% precision resistors. tfj100 Music flows like a water stream and. Firstly an entry level Hi-Fi enthusiast looking to make a first step upgrade of his/hers setup should really consider this DAC as it will breathe a new life into all your digital sources especially an entry level CD player. Started Thursday at 09:30 AM, By So when others speak of filters affecting the sound, I believe they're right. from Tidal), and much smaller file size.   You cannot paste images directly. The Topping likes to play nice, and the softer presentation does flatter poor recordings, especially bright and harsh ones. It was surprised that in few occasions D90 MQA felt as wider sounding and deeper as well, the difference would be very small though. It is described as a 4 channel switched resistor DAC with top-notch measurements like a dynamic range of 137 db (stereo) and THD+N of -124 db. The Topping D90 is a small form factor (22.2 cm wide and 16 cm deep) desktop DAC which is designed to pair up nicely with Toppings own A90 headphone amplifier for a complete desktop solution. Moving back to USB, D90 MQA was impressively close to the Matrix unit, losing just a tad in terms of speed, slam, treble information and detail retrieval. I am personally streaming music a lot more often than listening to it from the local hard drive. It is still not everything a DAC can show to you, how 90% of the audio press around the world thinks, not even close, there are still many other important things in a digital source. The D90 MQA DAC is an update of the D90 DAC with MQA decoding and a change of the USB chip from the XMOS XU208 to the XU216. The AK4118 receiver chip supports up to 24 bit / 192 kHz sampling rates through the Optical, Coaxial and AES digital inputs. If you get one, I can’t wait hearing your thoughts and your experiences with it. Those final touches spread in the background added just a tiny amount of zing and presence up top, like good seasoning for a nice meal. La pièce de résistance is definitely the uni-body case which has a simple front and back-plate attached to it, it really looks expensive and nicely put together. It can be a double-edged sword for some.

Marc Take note however that a regular HDMI signal is not supported though the connector is the same. Sharpness is not its strongest point, D90 wants to impress more with everything else, very strong leading edges are not present as well and maybe it’s for the good. If you thought that a full-MQA decoder is the only difference between the two units, you were mistaken.

KLIAVS 2014: Denon enters DSD DAC market!   Pasted as rich text. D90 MQA can fully unfold the MQA files stored on your PC or streamed directly via Hi-Fi streaming services as Tidal for example. $84.99, $169.99 I upgraded to a smartphone that has all the latest Bluetooth codecs, it natively supports LDAC and AptX-HD data streams, it is also Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, so I will be squeezing the best D90 MQA is capable of via Bluetooth. B. Alternately you could use either to feed an active sub if that’s your cup of tea.

Started August 15, By Both sounded big and open wide, I could easily follow any note I wanted in a crowded track. Hah! They have become increasingly upmarket and their top-of-the-line DAC, the D90 was released last year. Display as a link instead, × Considering their prices thought, D90 MQA is simply the undisputed champion and cannot be beaten when it comes to value.

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